The University's Mission and Vision

Utsunomiya University's fundamental mission is to improve the welfare of mankind and contribute to world peace through distinctive high-quality education and research as an institution open to society. To achieve this goal, we have established the following three fundamental policies.

  • Utsunomiya University will offer its students a broad, in-depth education, along with practical expertise, so that they can develop the abilities and skills necessary to open new doors to the future.
  • Utsunomiya University will promote top-level research focused on the development of a sustainable society.
  • Utsunomiya University will aggressively expand activities that learn from and contribute to both the local community and the international community.

Utsunomiya University's Educational Objectives

Starting with Liberal & General Education, Utsunomiya University provides an education that develops the students' general skills, specified by Udai Standard, necessary for modern society.

Utsunomiya University provides specialized education that cultivates the students' practical and professional knowledge and skills.

The four-year education, combining Liberal & General Education and faculty education, develops broadly educated and intellectually active human resourses to build and support the future of society.

Udai Standard

【Logical Thinking】
The ability to think in a logical way.

【Information Utilization】
The ability to independently select and utilize information and information sources.

【Communication and Presentation】
The ability to express emotions and thoughts and communicate them effectively and impressively to others.

【Research and Autonomous learning】
The ability to see things from one's own perspective, take the initiative to act, and be willing to acquire new knowledge and abilities. The ability to respond to change and to learn to change oneself.

【Cooperation and Collaboration】
The ability to fulfill roles and responsibilities while cooperating within a team. The ability to create connections and collaborate with people from different backgrounds.

【Problem Solving】
The ability to analyze situations from multiple perspectives and clarify the objectives and issues. The ability to devise a plan for problem-solving and work on it autonomously.