Center for Education and Research of Community Collaboration

Founded 1991

To promote education and research with cooperation between Utsunomiya University and the regional society and to the promotion of lifelong learning in collaboration with local governments and private bodies.

Center for Weed and Wildlife Management

Founded 2014

We develop symbiotic relationships between human beings and nature through the research and education focused on benefits and risks of weed,wildlife,and other lives in domesticated environments.

  • Vegetation Section
  • Wildlife Section

Media Network Center

Founded 2006

To design,integrate and manage the university's information network infrastructure.And to promote academic activities by pursuing studies and making developments on internetworking,Network computing,Scientific computing and Information literacy education.

Center for International Exchange

Founded 2002

The Center for International Exchange educates and advises students wishing to study abroad as well as contributing to developing programs and promoting international exchange.

Collaboration Center for Research and Development

Founded 2005

The center promotes the collaboration of our university with regional industries and opens our facilities to them,to contribute to the development of the industry technologies.

  • Industry-Academia Collaborations and Intellectual Properties Department
  • Creative Department for Innovation
  • Advanced Instrumental Analysis Department
  • URA office

Center for Bioscience Research & Education(C-Bio)

Founded 2007

To promote bioscience research and education in Utsunomiya University, to manage training and lectures on life science and biotechnology,and to contribute to collaboration with other organizations.

  • Genomics Section
  • Animal Section
  • Plant Section
  • Biofunctional Molecular Analysis Section
  • Radioisotope Section

Center for Career Education and Services

Founded 2006

To promote career education and various career services for students in order to promote their career development and to support their life/career planning as well as job search activities.

Liberal and General Education Center

Founded 2011

The Center plays the leading role in planning and conducting a university-wide Liberal and General Education program which provides students with the literacy and breadth of culture necessary to experience a fulfilled life in this modern day society.This program also equips the students with the fundamental education required for their future specialized fields of study.

Center for Optical Research & Education (CORE)

Founded 2007

To establish a global center of excellence for optical education and research, in partnership with related industries, by ensuring systematic education and developing excellent human resources and creating sophisticated research areas, thus contributing to the enhancement of the optical technology industry.

  • Division for Advanced Research
  • Division for Applied Research
  • Division for Basic Research

Center for Teacher Education

Founded 2014

To improve and enrich teacher-training course and strength and enhance teacher training function.In addition,to improve the quality of teacher training and in-service teacher training in cooperation and collaboration with related organizations inside and outside university .

Center for the Multicultural Public Sphere(CMPS)
Faculty of International Studies

Founded 2008

The center tries to find practical solutions to international problems,or problems relating to globalization,by forming networks with local governments,associations for international exchange,educational boards,citizens' groups(including NGOs and NPOs),and overseas affiliate universities,for the purpose of exchanging information with each other.

Attached Schools ・Faculty of Education

Founded 1966

The attached schools include a kindergarten, an elementary school, a junior high school and a school for Special Needs Education. Together with conducting practice teaching,leading research in educational practice in cooperation with Fuculty of Education is promoted.

Innovation Center for Research and Engineering Education
Faculty of Engineering

Founded 2002

The essence of engineering lies in creativity and putting new ideas into definite shape. In order to promote and cultivate such an essential mind in students,the center develops and practices various education programs,such as problem-based learning,internship programs,projects,lectures by active engineers,and demonstration by skilled workers.

University Farm・Faculty of Agriculture

Founded 1949

Together with being a place for conducting practical education connected with agriculture, the Farm also contributes to the development of academic research.

University Forests・Faculty of Agriculture

Founded 1949

Comprising Funyu Forest and Nikko Forest, the University Forests contribute to the basic and applied research in forest science,as well as to the deep understanding of the general system of forest science through experimental practice.