At Utsunomiya University (UDAI), we cherish the “3C Spirit.” The 3 C’s are “Challenge,” “Change,” and “Contribution.” We are pioneering a bright future by actively challenging new things, by constantly changing ourselves to adapt to these changing times, and by generously contributing to our society. We strongly resolve to cultivate this spirit and make it a vital part of our university’s culture so that we, both students and faculty, working together, will be at the forefront of our future society.

To reach this goal, we are improving our education system with new programs so that our students can develop “Active Intelligence.” One of these new programs is the nationally-famous English Program of Utsunomiya University (EPUU). Another is “Active Learning,” a method incorporated into many of the subjects offered here, which changes learning from a passive process into an exciting activity where students deepen their thinking by proactively discussing specific issues among themselves. Taking advantage of this university’s medium size with limited student numbers, the faculty and students can meet face to face. This allows us to effectively provide individual guidance to each student.

Furthermore, from 2016, in addition to the School of International Studies, the School of Education, the School of Engineering, and the School of Agriculture, we established a new faculty, the School of Regional Design. Utsunomiya University is itself evolving by incorporating the “3C Spirit” to provide education that corresponds to our changing world.

Our aim is to take care of our students better than any other university in Japan and we will accomplish this by enthusiastically supporting our students and by approaching issues from their perspective.

I want to challenge everyone at Utsunomiya University to learn and pioneer the future together!

President of Utsunomiya UniversityTomoyasu Ishida