• Special Educational and Reserch Programs

Special Educational and Reserch Programs

Career Planning Support

Of course, finding a job after you graduate is important. To support your career choice, Utsunomiya University has established the Center for Career Education and Services. Six full-time professional staff members are there to help you effectively plan your four years at the university so that you can find work in the field of your choice. In addition, four career counselors are available to give you advice. Due to this support and our students' efforts, the Utsunomiya University graduate employment rate is as follows:

Did you know that Utsunomiya University ranks at the top of national universities in terms of percentage of graduates finding work?

In terms of students finding employment after graduation: In liberal arts, Utsunomiya University ranks Number 2 in Japan (Hitotsubashi University is first) and in the field of science, Utsunomiya University ranks first!

Did you know that when it comes to finding work in the field of education, Utsunomiya University graduates are closing in on first place?

Of course, most find work here in Tochigi Prefecture, but graduates also find positions in many other prefectures in Japan.

A World Leader in Technology Research

Did you know that Utsunomiya University ranks first in Japan and is competing for the top spot in the world in many fields of technology? The research being conducted here is simply amazing! Let's look at just two examples of world class research.

Optics research at Utsunomiya University is the world's top runner.

Professor Toyohiko Yatagai is the president of the International Society for Optics and Photonics and is recognized as a world leader in Optics research. Optics technology is used in a variety of ways including:

"Only One" Weed Science Center

Dr.Yoneyama has discovered a novel class of plant hormones!

Dr.Yoneyama was presented with the Thomson Reuters Research Front Award which goes to leading scientists for their contributions to global research in emerging research areas. This field of research is expected to develop rapidly.