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a second-year Master's course student in the Graduate School of Education, the School Education Science Course

Jiujiu Liu


Hi everyone, my name is Jiujiu Liu. I'm a graduate student from China and majoring in Education Program. This is my third year in this beautiful city. Actually, I fell in love with this city and this great university during my first year when I was an exchange student, I made a lot of friends and tried many things I've never imaged before, that's why I decided to also pursue my master's degree here.
Unlike Tokyo, Utsunomiya's life is less stressful, I have a lot of part-time job opportunities which helps me practice my Japanese. People here are so kind, there were several times I could not find an appropriate word to express myself when I talking to them, they were patient to help me out, at that time, I was so happy I made the right decision to stay here.
I love Utsunomiya University not only because it is a great place to study, but also it offers me a lot of opportunities to get in touch with different cultures. Till now, I have lived with three different local families, they all have treated me like their own child. We tried to plant rice, went to a hot spring and also celebrated Japanese New Year together, which helped me feel the real beauty of Japanese culture, thanks to them, I never felt lonely during my studies here.
Utsunomiya University is a really great place to live and study, if you have a chance to choose, don't hesitate, come to Utsunomiya University, it will never let you down.

School Teacher Training Course
The School Teacher Training Course consists of three sub-courses; School Education, School Subjects and Special Support Education. Based on a broad view of general issues in school education, its primary mission is to develop highly qualified school teacher candidates endowed with ample practical abilities for teaching at elementary, junior high and special support schools.
Liberal Arts Bachelor of Education Program
In view of the importance of fostering students' abilities to design their future careers, this course aims to develop well-educated individuals who will be able to contribute to society through their practical capabilities such as independence, creativity, flexibility, ability to identify and solve problems and capacity for self-development.

Graduate School of Education

The Graduate School of Education aims to develop human resources who can make comprehensive judgment based on compassion and broad perspectives and also solve problems by integrating theory and practice through wide-ranged studies of educational sciences and in-depth scientific researches into educational practices. It offers four courses.