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a first year Master's Course student in the Graduate School of Engineering, the Department of Information System Science

Aymen Babouri


My name is Aymen Babouri and I am from Tunisia. I obtained my bachelor's diploma in computer sciences in my homeland and I came to pursue my studies in Japan as a self financed student.
I arrived in Utsunomiya about two years ago to begin studying Japanese in a Japanese language school called 'Atys International Academy'.
Now, I am a first year master course student in the graduate school of engineering and I am currently studying in Dr. Hasegawa Madoka's research room. I am thankful to my teacher as well as the office staff and my fellow students for their support.
Utsunomiya University is a great place, not only for studies, but also for self improvement because of the constant interaction with the environment and the Japanese lifestyle.
For instance, I was happy to discover that Utsunomiya was famous for things like jazz, gyoza and festivals.

Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering
Mechanical Systems Engineering is a key area of engineering required in all industrial fields today. People's lives are supported by various kinds of machines, including not only industrial products used in daily life, but also those used in agriculture, fisheries, construction and medicine. This department aims to develop engineers and researchers who will create original branches of learning and technology and drive technological innovations in the twenty-first century.
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Modern society is supported by various electronics and electricity dependent technologies. This department develops the technicians and researchers who will further expand our knowledge in these fields. The applied aspects of each study area are clearly taught and build upon the high level of knowledge imparted in the foundation courses (Math for Electrical Engineering, Electronic Circuits, and Electromagnetic), which are taught through both lecture and seminar style classes.
Department of Applied Chemistry
This department gives individuals the knowledge and ability to deal with problems which involve material science. The first year's curriculum emphasizes fundamental knowledge through the use of numerous seminar classes. As students advance, they are exposed to laboratory experiments through which they are able to learn how to practically apply their knowledge. This process creates individuals suited for a wide range of disciplines and fields.
Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Through the application of the latest construction techniques, this department creates technicians who excel in their creativity and are ready to give back to society in areas as far ranging as national land use to domestic residence development. The main areas of education and research include: the Architecture and Building Engineering Course (Building Structural Engineering, Architectural Planning and Design, Architectural Environment and Building Services, and Building Materials), the Civil Engineering Course, and the JABEE Certificated Course, (Structural Engineering, Concrete Engineering, Water Engineering and Management, City Planning, Geotechnical Engineering, and Construction Management).
Department of Information Science
The Department of Information Science educates leaders and innovators that create pivotal technologies for information, communication, and computing. The department offers a world-class education program extending over hardware, software, information network systems, and info-mathematics. Lectures, exercises, and student activities are integrated in the courses to inspire the creativity of the students.

Graduate School of Engineering

The Graduate School of Engineering endeavors to enhance students' practical and research abilities so as to further deepen the basic knowledge and skills acquired in various engineering fields as undergraduates. A skillful blend is sought between the constant advances of science and their application in the form of technology, aiming for ultimate harmony between people's lives and science and technology. The aim is to enable students to research and acquire methods for bringing enrichment and happiness to humankind. The doctoral program is offered to engineers wanting to specialize in a particular engineering field and to individuals wanting to pursue more independent reseach and development work or applied research at a research institute in the future as a professional researcher.